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The Photo Store offers quality photofinishing! The Photo Store prints are sharper and offer brilliant color- exceptional quality at a comparative price. Have you ever wondered why your picture looks like that? Well, our experienced technicians can answer your questions. Our staff has over 125 years of photography and photofinishing experience. Once you experience The Photo Store, you'll never be satisfied with taking your film or imaging needs anywhere else! Photofinishing has always been our speciality. We have state of the art photofinishing equipment that -at the hands of our experienced technicians- deliver the very best in quality. We offer more choices than anyone else in Amarillo.

Your film is ready to pick up the next business day at 3pm if it's 35mm and is available in a Gloss or Matte finish. Matte finish on request.

Films Processed: 35mm and 120*

Print Sizes: 3.5 X 5 or 4 X 6

Delivery Time: Next business day at 3.

* We no longer offer color 120 prints